A Change in Behavior

I think that the weather has been affecting Jen and me a bit more than we’d like to realize. And here’s how I know. Our apartment has been in a state of constant clutter for the past few weeks. It’s not like it’s messy, but it’s certainly not what one would describe as clean by any means.

It used to be that we would clean the entire apartment from top to bottom every Friday night after we both got off work. And I will admit that Jen did more cleaning than me, but she got off work an hour before me and without a commute. But the winter has stretched along so far that now neither one of us has any motivation to do actual cleaning. Of course, we still tidy and pick up our clutter at least once a week- I picked up my room, and the living room on Monday, but other than that, it’s a struggle. We’re both just so sick of cleaning in the cold that I think we’ve gone on a subconscious strike.

I  think it’ll turn into a wait and see kind of deal. If the weather is at least halfway decent tomorrow, perhaps we’ll do some intense cleaning. But maybe it’ll be cold, and we’ll just do some superficial cleaning. Only tomorrow knows.


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