Japanese Boy Bands

In case you were unaware, Japanese girls love boy bands just as much as American girls. They go crazy for them, buying all kinds of merchandise and waiting in hours-long lines to get that merchandise. Concerts are full of screaming, crying, adoring fans. These guys are idolized for their voices, their looks, and their overall coolness level. But somewhere along the way, things deviated from the American blueprint. I would like to say that the deviation arises from the fan side, but sadly, that is not true. Take a look at the music videos for some of the most popular boy bands in Japan, and I think you will understand exactly what I’m talking about.

First up- Tohoshinki:

This video is actually fitting with American standards I think. But here’s the thing: these guys are actually a Korean group, who have expanded their fan base to Japan. That explains  their dance skills and the good beat.

Next is the mega famous SMAP:

SMAP have been famous for at least twenty years. They are like the New Kids on the Block of Japan. It doesn’t matter how old these guys get, they will always be famous. And they will never look like they have been famous for more than twenty years. Welcome to the asian aging process.

Third is Arashi:

They are fast on their way to becoming the next SMAP. Almost all these guys also have really successful acting careers. Women of all ages love Arashi from elementary school girls to grandmas. I don’t know if the sailor outfits have any effect on their popularity, but most I think it must as most of their videos feature some totally weird coordinated outfit. And on a side note, this is one of Jenny’s favorite videos.

Fourth, Kat-tun

They are the edgier side of the boy band world. I think if you were just listening to this song it wouldn’t be so bad. But then you watch the video. I can’t tell if they’re all on drugs, or their faces just look like that because they have no ability to express any emotions whatsoever. Simply because it’s Japan, I lean toward the latter reason.

Last, News:

These guys are more popular with junior high girls. Their video is not so bad until the last minute or so. Okay, and every time they do the chorus dance sequence. And sadly enough, their songs are really catchy once you listen to them. I have caught myself humming them before.

So, overall, I think one question has become glaringly obvious, or at least it has to me. What in the world are Japanese girls thinking idolizing these guys with crazy hair and weird clothes?


Dog Cafe

There were no dogs inside, nor was dog on the menu (Joyce and I checked). It actually seemed like an upscale, fashionable restaurant. Just wondering what the owner was thinking with that name selection.

Kit Kats

If you look at the top right of my blog, you will should see a tab entitled Kit Kats. Since we have found so many different flavors of Kit Kats, I have decided to dedicate my Kit Kat photo collection to its own page. I update it pretty often, so keep checking back to find all the crazy Kit Kat flavors that Japan has to offer. And if you’ve tried any flavors that I haven’t and have some pictures, feel free to send them my way!

A New Store…?

Not so long ago, a new store opened near Kasugai station.

たのしい Massage

I didn’t really pay that much attention to the store until just recently. What really struck me was the name of the store.

Its a little hard to read, but it says tanoshii massage, which translates to fun massage. Umm… more like sketchy massage. I will never get a massage from that place ever. I just cant be certain of what kind of massage I would be getting. Ew. It is just a recipe for disaster.

Doctor Fish

I spent this past Sunday hanging out with the families of some of my students. We had an eventful day picking strawberries, and then we went to a highway oasis to visit Doctor Fish.

Doctor Fish turned out to be this small pool filled with small fish. When you put your feet in, they would swarm your feet and nibble off the dead skin from your feet. Each session is ten minutes long. It was nice, but it totally tickled!! I am not usually ticklish, so I could only handle my feet being in there for maybe a minute max at a time. But I would definitely do it again.