Time Flies

Tomorrow is the last day of this school year. Well, technically, Tuesday is since it is the last day of March, but tomorrow will be the last day of kids lessons, which makes it the last day of the year to me. And honestly, I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by. Of course, there were the times that I can remember thinking that the school year would never end, but those were mostly in July and December…right before my fun vacations. So, of course I would think that each week felt like an eternity. in the grand scheme of things however, time flew.

I really think that this past year sets the example for adult life. There are always moments that make time pass slowly, but for the most part, the daily routine of our lives makes time pass much more quickly than we are aware of. And in a few days, I will make a new start with a new school year. A year from now, I will probably comment again on how quickly that year went by as well. Now it seems that I am just rambling a bit because Im a little tired, so I will wrap up here and hope to write more coherently in the morning.


Love this Song

Once again, Rascal Flatts does not disappoint with their latest CD. I am not a fan of country music, but I love them so much. Their songs are touching, without being too much. Hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

Slowly but Surely

From Saturday, my voice has been slowly but surely returning. I still couldnt work on Saturday, but at least I could speak…for the most part. By Sunday, I could speak almost 100% normally, but singing was still completely out of the question.

For the past few days, my speaking voice has been fine, almost as good as new. But singing is still a bit pitchy. I wonder how long that will take to get back to normal.

All in all, I have decided that laryngitis is probably one of the worst illnesses around. Of course, you have to set aside all of the major, life-threatening diseases, because that is another ball game completely. But when it comes to those occasional, anyone could get this kind of disease, my vote is for larnygitis being at the very bottom of the list. I mean, sure, you are not confined to bed and feeling completely horrible, but that is the point. I had to call off two days of work, and I felt so bad about it because I felt completely fine, I just could not talk. At least if I had the flu or a really bad cold, I would have a reason to stay in bed and be miserable, and not feel bad in the slightest that I couldnt work. But, no, I just lost the ability to speak. Since I wasnt working, I felt that I ought to have stayed in bed and been miserable. And I couldnt talk to anyone! That also adds to the totally horrible category. But, I am better now, so I really should stop complaining. At least I wasnt as bad as Erik. Hopefully, my voice will realize that laryngitis is best left alone.

Weekend Sightings

A few funny things that I saw this weekend…

I was waiting outside the subway station when suddenly I heard an ear-splitting alarm from behind me. A boy had tried to go down the up escalator and the alarm was so loud and long that I am sure his cheeks stayed red long after the shrieking alarm ended. And the accompanying, equally as loud  scolding that he got from his mom certainly didnt help matters one bit.

While waiting at an intersection outside of Nagoya station, I glanced around and saw a group of young businessmen, dressed in suits, all probably in their early to mid twenties. It had been raining off and on all day, and all of the guys had umbrellas with them. Nothing unusual about that, until I noticed that the guy furthest to the left in the group was holding his umbrella like a baseball bat. And he was quite serious about, even going so far as to readjust his grip a few times. And just as he was about to launch a full swing, he happened to glance up right at me. One look at the blend of muffled laughter and incredulous disdain on my face caused him to hurriedly drop his umbrella into its corrent position at his side. What kind of person swings an umbrella in the middle of a busy intersection anyway?

At Kasugai station I saw a girl with the side of her skirt completely bunched up and exposing most of her leg unintentionally. It was just shy of every womans nightmare: the back of your skirt tucked into your underwear. If only I knew enough Japanese to have explained her predicament to the poor girl. Luckily, she was wearing colored tights, so it wasnt quite so scandalous.


As you may or may not remember, last summer, Jen and I had an internet crisis. We discovered just before going to Thailand for a week that the free internet that we had been enjoying was suddenly cut off with the departure of our neighbors. So, in a mad panic, we hastily arranged a new internet provider and had to endure two long weeks without our virtual lives at the tips of our fingers.

Since August, we have been paying a healthy chunk of change for our now completely legal internet service, and I have to say that our internet worked ten times better when we were stealing it than it does now that we are paying for that. Sometimes our internet is so slow that I feel as though we are being ripped off. But I suppose that this is our penance for using the internet illegally for so long. Perhaps once the scales are balanced again, our internet will suddenly and mysteriously speed up again. But until that day comes, I will continue to reload pages and take bathroom breaks while I wait for pages laden with pictures to load. And Jen and I will continue to complain to each other about how much we despise our current internet proveder.

…And The Rest is Silence

I have not spoken in about six hours and I think that it is starting to slowly kill me. I mean, I cant even talk to myself! I never realized just how much I tend to use my voice throughout the day until I couldnt use it anymore.¬† No sighing, laughing, or humming…this really sucks!! And the worst part is that there are no signs that my voice is coming back at all. I am still just as bad as I was yesterday morning when I woke up.

So, here I am just taking a lot of pills that I cant identify, drinking so much green tea with honey that I am peeing every hour, and feeling generally pathetic. Hopefully my trip to the aquarium tomorrow will cheer up my mood somewhat. At least, fish dont expect you to talk to them.