Around Tokyo Disney

Last month Jenny and I went to Tokyo Disneyland for the first time! It was really fun and all decorated for Christmas. We took a lot of pictures, so the first round is just scenic shots of Disney. Enjoy!



This was definitely a tough arrangement. And I cant lie- this final product is nothing like the one that I presented to my teacher. She definitely did a lot of rearranging. But the finished product is lovely. Although I wish that there were more red from the roses.


Well, this year we had two Thanksgiving celebrations! Unfortunately, only one of them featured turkey. Fortunately, one of them featured turkey!! I cannot even remember the last time that I ate turkey and it was just as delicious as I remember. The above photos are from our Kasugai Thanksgiving celebration. We have a small get-together to share Thanksgiving traditions with some of our Japanese friends. It was a small group this year, but we all had fun together!

The second half of pictures are the photos from our Thanksgiving dinner at the Kubos. Start from the glamour shot of the chocolate pie. Credit goes to Jenny for pretty much all of the pictures. I am such a photographic slacker. Jenny really likes taking pictures of food if you don’t realize it just by looking at all the pictures.