Jesus Body

So, I was at the drugstore the other day looking for some tea for my aunt and grandma. I wandered into an aisle that looked pretty promising at first. It turns out that it was just diet supplements and I was getting ready to move to the next aisle when a red box with an interesting name caught my eye.

Jesus Body

Yep. Jesus Body, a dietary supplement to get you thin in no time flat. Now, normally I don’t take pictures in stores, but I could not resist this. I wasn’t previously aware that Jesus was well-known for his smoking hot body as well as his teachings and sacrifice. It’s always interesting to see Western culture adapted into Japanese life.


Strange Questions

Who was the first person to say, “See that chicken there? I’m gonna eat the next thing that comes out of its bum.”

This was just one of many questions that I received in a forward a while ago. All the questions were of that caliber and it just really made me laugh. But at the same time, it was kind of thought-provoking. Have you ever just sat down and wondered about things that we take for granted in todays culture. I mean, really, who thought that the eggs that came out of a chickens butt would be delicious? And who thought to check out half the stuff from the sea that we currently enjoy as a possible food source, especially in Japan?

Why are elevators so unbelievably awkward for the majority of people who ride in them? And why is elevator music so annoying, yet you cant help humming along and embarrassing yourself in the process?

Why do we compare the softness of skin to a babys bottom? Does anyone else find it a bit strange that wed use that as a reference point?

Why are there so many weird animal idioms? Its as slick as bear grease. Im so hungry I could eat a horse. Its the bees knees. Where did these come from? They dont even make sense.

So many questions, so little time. What strange questions have you ever wondered about?

Softbank Advertising

Japan makes some very unusual, and I would say unique, advertisements for their products. These advertisements would work nowhere else in the world except Japan. And softbank, my cell phone provider, is no different. The following videos are some of my favorite commercials that softbank has done since Ive been in Japan.

Some background info that will probably not make much sense until you watch. The commercials are centered around a typical Japanese family…if you consider a dog for a dad and an African-American as a brother typical. Watch and enjoy some of my favorites.

Space Tourism

Today at work we talked about space tourism and I have to admit that I knew absolutely nothing about space tourism. To me it just sounds like some far off futuristic Jetsons idea. But, as it turns out, space tourism is not as far off as I had imagined.

Have you heard of Virgin Galactic? Yes, Virgin as in Virgin Atlantic, the airline/music/who knows what else company. Now, they have decided to get their hands into space travel. What happened to the old days when companies just stayed with one product, one area? But I digress.

Virgin Galactic is currently in the planning stages of space travel as a recreational activity. If you visit their website you can get a full explanation of what its like to go to space, how youre trained, as well as a plethora of other information. You can even see a picture of the vehicle that will take you to outer space. The website makes it sound as though space travel is fun, easy, and not to be missed- never mind the fact that youre looking at paying $200,000 for ten minutes in zero gravity.

The whole thing reminds me, strangely enough, of Jurassic Park. And we all know how that ended for the majority of the visitors. And even though Jurassic Park is complete fiction and space tourism is not, it was not that long ago that space tourism was also simply a figment of our imaginations. I also cant help but be reminded of the Challenger and the idea to send ordinary people into space. That also ended in tragedy, real tragedy, not just a fictionalized version of tragedy. Of course it was not the fault of any of the crew members of the Challenger, but if NASA ignored the strong recommendations against launching, how much more would a private, for-profit company also ignore those same kinds of warnings for fear of losing profit?

As amazing as going to space sounds, I think it should be left in the governments hands. Id love to hear other opinions.


In Japan, drink sizes are much, much smaller than in the states. Usually it doesn’t strike me as out of the ordinary because Ive gotten used to it, but yesterday when I was out shopping with my friends, we were astounded by the small size of drinks here- especially considering you pay significantly more for your drink than in the states. In the picture below, the far left drink is a medium, the middle is a small, and the far right cup is a free cup for water. Take note that the small size is the same size as the palm of my hand. Yep, we paid 2.20 for that tiny iced coffee. It makes me miss super sized drinks for less than a dollar.