Coffee Please, Doctored Up

Here’s a revelation that I’ve made in my life recently. I used to believe that drinking black coffee was the adult thing to do. Adding sugar and/or milk was like admitting defeat to my inability to drink it black like any other regular adult. And admittedly, sometimes, I do like to drink my coffee black. It can be a nice change of pace to my palatte.

But it wasn’t long before I realized my need for sugar in my coffee. As adult-like as I wanted to be, I just couldn’t stomach black coffee, especially if it was strong. But no matter what, I still couldn’t handle milk or cream in my coffee. It just seemed like I was a kid trying to play adult if I snuck milk in my coffee. And then this past summer, I saw my friend Dan put milk in his coffee, and I finally realized that if Daniel could put milk in his coffee, then, by George, so could I!

Since then, coffee has been quite an adventure for me. I absolutely love flavored creamers, my favorite being Irish Creme, followed closely by Hazelnut! And I still add a good amount of sugar. So the next time you see me drinking coffee, it’ll be all doctored up and completely mistakable for some other coffee drink, like cappuccino or cafe latte, both of which I enjoy from time to time. Cheers to all of you non-black coffee drinkers! I have joined the club!!


Couch Potatoes

Well, this is fitting as a follow-up to my last blog. For the past four hours or so, Jen and I have been lounging in my room on our futons watching tv/movies on our computers. Jen is watching season 1 of Heroes, and really I can’t blame her for watching the episodes without stopping. I would’ve done the same if I were in her position. It has been fun to partially rewatch parts of season 1. I had forgotten some of the things that happened, and it’s been a good refresher. But I must say that, for the most part, Jen’s a pretty good Heroes predictor.

As for me, I just watched “I Am Legend” the new Will Smith movie. It was really interesting, and kind of a bit odd, but I have to give Mr. Smith his props for some awesome acting skills. But after watching this movie, I am even more assured of my embarrassing tendency to startle way too easy. Now, the movie is in part a thriller, and there was definitely a part of the movie that caused me to scream out loud. I don’t know that I’ve ever been guilty of that before, so I have gone to new heights of jumpiness. It was slightly embarrassing, but Jen had the grace not to acknowledge the fact that I had screamed and jumped. Or maybe, it could’ve been the fact that she was so thoroughly obsessed in her own show that she didn’t even care that I screamed. Both are options.

Maybe you think I’m kidding, but in fact, that’s not the case at all. I get startled and freaked out extremely easily, and I always show it very visibly. It’s often the biggest cause for embarrassment in my life. People who have watched action-packed movies with me can attest to that fact, or even thrillers, and scary movies, oh man, I don’t even watch those because I know what will happen. But even in real life, unexpected sights and sounds freak me out just as much. But I won’t get into all of that because it’s just too pitiful.

Super Athletic

Today, Jen had to run 17 miles and I went with her…on a bike…for 11 miles of the trip! It was super fun, and I enjoyed seeing new parts of the city. Although, after 11 miles, my butt is really sore! And before you start thinking that I’m totally hardcore, I would have to say that the temperature was in the 50’s and glorious for the ride.

And I was thoroughly impressed with Jen’s running skills. Man, she kept up the pace the entire time and didn’t seem tired at all. And we were able to hold a conversation the entire time. She was never out of breath for those 11 miles. My roomie is a running beast!

We went to this really great park and even though it was the middle of winter, it was still really pretty! So, I’m excited to revisit in the spring. AND, on the way to the park, we passed a cattle farm!! I was in complete shock, but strangely excited to smell cow manure in the middle of Kasugai, Japan. It smelled just like home! Which, in and of itself, is not such a good thing, but for me and Jen, it was great!

“A Friday in Kasugai” by Jen and Rachael

Today Jen and Rachael took advantage of their winter vacation by walking all over Kasugai to go to various stores and run errands. Their day together started with a mile walk to the craft store and sporting goods store in the rain. Rachael was on a search for yarn, and Jen needed a running shirt. They stopped at the craft store first. Yarn was very expensive, so they browsed around the store for a while. They were both amazed at how many things Japanese craft stores offer for you to make. Jen turned a corner and in a loud whisper, called Rachael to come over. She made our way over to the display Jen was looking at. But just before she got there, Jen whispered, “They even make boobs here.” Rachael puzzled over that, and when she looked at the display case, she responded to Jen’s comment with “or shoulder pads.” Oops…

They next visited the sporting goods store, which is very much like a Dunham’s or Dick’s. Jen was very frustrated by the lack of women’s running clothes, and Rachael was in agreement, even though she herself had no need to buy women’s running clothes, or men’s running clothes for that matter. After their venture to their respective stores, they both agreed that they were very hungry, so they decided to go to Kentucky for lunch (KFC for all those in the non-Japan area). Jen ordered the chicken pot pie set, and Rachael ordered the chicken fillet sandwich set. Jen’s was quite satisfying, as was Rachael’s, but Rachael’s sandwich and fries were roughly the size of a kid’s meal in the states, no kidding. But she was quite full afterwards, and they both fretted on how they would ever go back to the states and eat food that was hearty-man sized portions.

After a quick stop at the drugstore to buy some much-needed supplies and add points to their point card, which is actually Jen’s point card, but they share it equally, Rachael headed home to start cleaning the apartment, while Jen continued to do her errands around Kasugai. At home, Rachael got a big chunk of the cleaning done before Jen arrived, and she now sits writing a blog while Jen scrubs down the shower. The fact that her room desperately needs cleaning is irrelevant, and will probably be ignored for as long as possible.

Following the exeunt of messiness from their apartment, Jen and Rachael plan to lounge around in their freshly cleaned living room, drink tea, and relax. Yet another day of the winter vacation was well-spent for Jen and Rachael, and who knows what Saturday will hold!

Roman Holiday

So, I’m watching Roman Holiday and it’s led me towards two very distinct thoughts. The first being how much it really must suck to be royalty, or some equal position. I mean, I can just think about all the movies that have been made that talk about how princes and princess, first daughters, and even celebrities just want to escape their lives. I mean, for celebrities, you kinda choose that life for yourself, so better luck next time. But royalty is something that you’re born into and you have your entire life scheduled for you. That cannot be fun at all. There are such high expectations of you. It seems almost impossible that you could have an enjoyable life. You’re always performing for someone. So, I’m glad that I never went through that phase in life where I wanted to be a princess. I mean, sure, everyone loves you and you get the royal treatment, but you pay a high price for that lifestyle.

My second thought involved finding out what face shape Audrey Hepburn has because I really dig her shorn hair in this movie. I know, surprise surprise, after two years of growing out my hair, I’m thinking about getting it all cut off. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love my long hair, but I do like to change my hair. Maybe I’ll get it cut in time for the summer and the humidity in Japan. For the winter and spring, I’ll enjoy my long, lustrous locks. Who knows? By then, I’ll probably have changed my mind yet again. And, as it turns out, Audrey Hepburn and I DO have the same face shape!

Winter Vacation

Here’s why I like my work in Japan. Since Sunday, I’ve been on winter vacation, and I have two glorious weeks off! My first day of work isn’t until January 5th. It’s already been wonderful and it’s not even halfway through.

Yesterday, I went into town with Jen and Kanako and we spent the day shopping. But don’t worry, we mostly did window shopping. We also ate lunch at soup stock, which has some delicious soup, as well as having drinks at Starbucks!

Today Jen went running and biking pretty much all day. As for me, I slept until noon, went to the bank, payed my health insurance, went grocery shopping, and now I’m watching Roman Holiday and enjoying a nice cup of instant coffee.

I think that this is maybe a bit what my life would be like if I really were a homemaker. Although, the apartment would probably be a whole heck of a lot cleaner. But that’s tomorrow’s task I guess. Also, things wouldn’t really be this laidback if I had kids. But I’d just be a pre-children homemaker. Full-fledged Sakura homemaker, here I come!