The Girls

Sometimes things happen here at the apartment with the girls that are not always blog-worthy. That, however, does not mean that they’re not noteworthy…

~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~

Jenny: Rachael~ how would you feel about meeting up with people that I may or may not be able to recognize?

-Highlights for a late night conversation…

1. Jen: I really wanted to tell that guy that our phone call was the worst conversation I’ve ever had. I am not an awkward person at all, so it must be you. You’re the awkward one.

2. Jen: Brown is gross.

Rachael: But brown is the color of chocolate.

Jen: It’s also the color of poop.

Rachael: So, by your logic, what you’re saying is that since brown is gross because its the color of poop, then chocolate must also be gross. So, you can’t like chocolate anymore.

Jen: …Jenny doesn’t like chocolate…

Jenny: I don’t like poop either.

3. Rachael: So, tomorrow I’m going to continue my pursuit of taking pictures of people in horrible outfits.

Jen: Godspeed.

~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~

-Recently, Jen and I have started calling Jenny the Creepy Roommate. Shes not actually creepy in a weird sense, but she does have a tendency to sneak up on us because shes so quiet when she moves around the house. There has been more than one occasion where suddenly one of us will turn around and she will be behind us. We decided that, in reality, we should be calling her the Sneaky Roommate, but the Creepy Roommate just sounds so much better when we tell the story.

~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~

-A Jen quote: Why does everyone love Edward so much? He’s just a white vampire that’s Emo.

~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~

-We are all in love with persimmons. Luckily, they’re a fall fruit. Our apartment is full of persimmons, or kaki as they’re called in Japanese.

~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~

-A man came to check our smoke alarms. I was at work, Jenny was sleeping, so Jen was left to answer the door. When the man said that he needed to check the smoke alarms in our bedrooms, Jen panicked. She thought about how completely messy her room was, told the man that her other two roommates were sleeping, and took him into my room, all the while passing it off as her own. My room was also messy, but I guess it was way less embarrassingly messy than hers.

~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~

Jenny and Jen-I discovered that Jenny totally loves the ‘It’s a Small World’ ride at Disney. And she even knows all the words to the song! Seriously? That is totally creepy!


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