My Bike Garage

I know that Ive probably mentioned this before, but Japan has a prolific number of bicycles. And in catering to that need, much in the same way of the U.S., Japan has built bike garages that charge you a fee to park your bike there. The fee is considerably lower than parking garages though, and if I could ever figure out how to buy a monthly pass, the price would be even better. But, alas, that is a topic for another blog. But one thing that these bike garages have in common with parking garages is that it is sometimes impossible to find where you parked your bike! This is especially true for me since I go there every day and dont usually log a distinct memory of where I parked my bike each day. It is far past time to bust out my OU bumper sticker and put it on my bike. I just need to figure out how to make it fit on there properly. But I took some pictures the other day to help better illustrate my problems.


Some Random Pics

My Japanese teacher and I went to see Hiros play. It was great!

After the Play

Jenny is great because she always is up for making goofy poses!

Jenny likes Meat

Hanging out with Jess and Ellen post-wedding. I love Olive Garden and catching up with old friends!

Olive Garden

Some Ikebana Photos

Just some of my old stuff. And by old stuff I mean two weeks ago. This arrangement featured one of my favorite flowers: alstroemeria. And thanks to Zelda for taking the pictures and sending them to me!

The Process of Ikebana

Well, I always just show you my finished project, but today I’ve included some shots of me in action. And I can tell you 100% for sure that the slightly confused/frustrated face is pretty much my perpetual face while I’m figuring out how to make my arrangement. I’ve been told that it’s my thinking face. It’s no wonder that I sometimes seem unapproachable!

Early Morning Traffic?

Luckily because I was only in the States for five days and it was a pretty regimented, busy schedule, I haven’t really suffered the effects of jet lag now that I’m back in Japan. The only problem I had was two mornings after I came back. I woke up bright and early and ready for the day…at 5:45. Yep, I know. It was awful! But I kept hearing traffic outside, and when I glanced out the window, I was shocked to see the amount of traffic on our small road at 5:50 in the morning. **Please note that it was five minutes after I woke up because I spent that five minutes trying to convince myself that I really wanted to go back to sleep. It didn’t work out so well.**

But take a look at this traffic! And I took the photo at a time when the light on the next block was green, so traffic was moving and not all stopped up.

Early Morning Traffic

Push & Pull

You know how some people have problems distinguishing their right from their left? Its not they don’t know the difference, but they always have to think and confirm that their right is their right and their left is their left. Well, I have the same problem with push and pull.

Seriously, whenever a sign says to push or pull, I always take a second to analyze and visualize the action in my mind, and then proceed, 90% of the time, to do the opposite action. I have no idea what my problem is, but sometimes it can be rather awkward as I fumble with the door.

And here’s the thing. I cant even blame my problem on the fact that I live in Japan because they put push and pull in English on all the doors!! Oh man! Of course that’s the time they’re completely English-friendly. Oh well, I guess its just my curse to never know what to do at any given public access door.