Even More Kit Kats

I didn’t think it was possible, but there are even more flavors of Kit Kats available this fall. The three latest ones are banana, kinako, and ginger ale.

Now, the banana flavor is, by far, the most delicious. How can you go wrong when you mix banana and chocolate?

Kinako is a kind of flour. I have no idea what the name is in English. It’s just one of those foods that I only eat in Japan, so I only know the Japanese name. The flavor was very subtle. I felt like I was eating mochi instead of kinako. But I guess that kinako does kind of taste like mochi. It was pretty good.

And last was ginger ale. This one was really strange. It was trying to achieve ginger ale status, but it just fell flat. You know how candy watermelon tastes nothing at all like real watermelon, but you like it anyway? The same is true here, except that I didn’t like it at all. It was trying too hard to be something it’s clearly not. Oh well.


Corn Soup Doritos

Yep, the latest addition to the Gourmet Doritos line has arrived: Corn Soup flavor. And they taste exactly like corn soup, which makes them super yummy since I love corn soup! Jen also enjoyed them. This bag is definitely worth buying again. Thumbs up!

Yummy Kit Kats

Cafe Latte Kit Kats


Kit Kats in Japan have all kinds of crazy flavors- sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes just plain weird. Luckily, this season there’s at least one good flavor. These are cafe latte Kit Kats and they taste completely delicious! I really think I could eat a whole bag of them in one sitting, considering how much I love coffee and everything coffee-related. Try them if you’re in the country. They are my fall candy recommendation.

Gourmet Doritos

I seriously think it’s the season of crazy food flavors! Here’s yet another strange flavor that I saw and had to buy at the grocery store.

Cheese Gratin

For those of you who can’t read Japanese, they’re cheese gratin flavored Doritos. And surprisingly enough, they actually tasted pretty good. I would probably buy them again.

But here’s the deal with Doritos flavors in Japan. They have cheese, taco, chili cheese (which doesn’t actually taste like chili cheese at all), and regular-which makes them just plain corn chips and which also defeats the purpose of buying Doritos. These are the standard flavors that you can find in places where they actually sell Doritos. They’re not so popular, so mostly you can find them in the international food stores, or stores that have international connections like our grocery store that’s connected with Wal-Mart.

Anyway, recently that have put out a new line of Doritos called Doritos Gourmet. And I guess their idea is to make high-class Doritos. The way they figured on doing it is by making the flavors to match nice dinner foods, like cheese gratin. They also have a special Pizza flavored one designed by one of the popular pizza chains in Japan. I wonder what the next flavor to come out will be. So many possibilities, but I can most certainly assure you that whatever it is, it will be slightly strange and a crazy flavor idea.

Coca Cola Plus Fiber

Fancy WrappingThey are making all kinds of crazy drink combos over here recently. I first saw a coworker with this Coca Cola Plus Fiber and I was a little shocked. I mean, is it some kind of a marketing tact to reach the older audience? Of course, no offense meant. Fiber is a very important part of everyone’s diet. But in my Coke? Plus Fiber

I was intrigued enough to try it. And besides the fancy label, there was no difference from the regular Coke. So, I guess I can still enjoy my brown pop while becoming a little more regular in the process.

In the crazy cola combo competition, Coca Cola-1; Pepsi-0.

80s Movies

I am in the midst of an 80s movie obsession. I cannot seem to stop watching movies from the 80s, 1985 in particular.  It started earlier this week when I just very randomly came across a movie called Flying on youtube. Being naturally curious, I looked it up on imdb and discovered that it was a dance movie with Keanu Reeves as one of the main characters.  With a combination like dance and Keanu Reeves, how could I have resisted? Well, the movie ended up being so completely cheesy that I had to stop the movie several times and give myself a break from the complete cheesiness of the story. If you doubt me, just ask my roommate Jenny. I would give her synopses of what was happening and even had to call her into my room at one point because it was just too awkward.

But something about that awkwardness made me remember just how much I love 80s movies for that very reason. Since then, I have revisited a few old favorites, like Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Just One of the Guys. But now, with my latest selection, Secret Admirer, I am moving into uncharted territory. The story seems great and it stars Lori Laughlin. If you have any good 80s recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments. Or you could just share your favorite 80s movie and what makes it so great to you.