Halloween Update

Well, Halloween week is half over! Yay!! But, I want to put all the pictures up at one time, so you’ll have to wait for all of my cute kids in costume! But I will say that the only upside in this whole week is all the candy I keep getting from my students…and sometimes even from kids who aren’t even my students! It’s a beautiful thing!


Happy Birthday Jenny!

Yesterday after church and lunch, we celebrated Jenny’s birthday by going to Cat’s Cafe and eating parfaits. It was a really fun time for everyone involved! And parfaits are pretty delicious!

The Latest Fashion

The best selling point when it comes to Crocs is the ventilation holes. But in Japan, Crocs were so popular this summer that they decided to extend the trend to fit the winter needs of the Japanese people. But I don’t know how well it’s going to go over. Luckily, Nagoya’s not so snowy, so these Crocs actually have a chance for survival.

Winter Crocs

Winter Crocs

Things I love about Nagoya

1. They’re trying to be a city known for beautiful architecture, so you have these gorgeous buildings surrounded by totally blah-looking ones.

2. There seems to be a coffee shop on every block, whether chain or local. You absolutely can never be without coffee if you really wanted it.

3. Fall is only just now starting to set in here. Most days are still in the 60’s with cooler evenings.

4. Because I use the subway system almost exclusively when I’m in town, Nagoya doesn’t feel like the third biggest city in Japan. It just feels like a lot of mini-towns all put together.

5. There’s a plethora of cats, pigeons, and koi. I don’t like the pigeons though.

6. Nagoya’s a port city, therefore the city’s mascot is a huge fish and different aspects of the city adapt it to their own mascot needs. The subway system makes it a fish-headed train conductor.


Halloween is coming…

And here’s the thing about working for ECC: I have to celebrate Halloween, complete with costume for an entire week. So, I have an entire week to dress as a witch. But on a plus note, the Halloween lessons are really easy, just easy vocab, games, and a craft, so no worries. It’s just the whole costume thing that I’m not such a fan of.

Too Early

It’s currently 7:57 AM and I am awake and have been for about a half hour. All I can say is that getting up this early should be some kind of punishable offense, especially when you have trouble getting to sleep at night. I’m really looking forward to a nap this afternoon before work.