Nagoya Snow Day

Check out this video Jenny and I made for the very, very, very snowy day here in Nagoya! I have never seen this much snow in Nagoya before. It was horrible! But at least everyone else enjoyed it. I am also including some pictures.



Lucky Bags 2011

In Japan, you can buy lucky bags on January 2nd. They’re called lucky bags because each store just puts goods in the bag and you have no way of knowing what’s in the bag. You just pay a set price and hope for the best. This year, Jen and I decided to take part in the lucky bag festivities. And we were super lucky! Watch as we open our bags, but really boxes, to find what’s inside!

New Years Day!

Jen, Hiro, and I spent New Years Day together. We even ate sauerkraut. But, man, pierogies are super time-consuming to make. Thankfully, they are also super delicious to eat!!