“500 Yen” by Jen and Rachael

Jen and Rachael were preparing for an evening walk/trip to the convenience store for candy this evening. Jen had 500 yen coin burning a hole in her pocket, and she was excited to spend it. Jen had gone to the bathroom, and Rachael was looking for her keys in her bedroom. Suddenly, Rachael heard an exclamation and knew without thinking what had just occurred in the bathroom. And sure enough, Jen had dropped her 500 yen in the toilet…after she had peed. The following is the hilarity that ensued.


Rachael Goes to Camp

This past Tuesday-Thursday I went to camp in Fukui prefecture as an ECC camp counselor. I admit that I had a few reservations because I was not really such a big camp fan as a kid; it was all a bit too cheesy for me. But I had an absolute blast!! It was like a sweet vacation from work. I basically taught a few English lessons and then just hung out with about 80 kids ages 7-14. The camp was in the mountains and it was great! I even saw wild monkeys! Jen was not excited when I first told her that, but for real, you don’t see monkeys when you go camping in the states. It was my first time. Cut a girl some slack.

But it was just like any other camp, but with a few Japanese twists of course. We played in the river, had campfire performances, drank juice through a huge leaf stem straw, made a paper mache volcano, went on a nature scavenger hunt, ate curry rice and rice balls.  You know, typical camp stuff.  But it was a lot of fun! I’m excited for next year. Hopefully, I’ll get to go again!

Yukata Week Part 2

I teach at Kasugai twice a week, and here are a few shots from yukata- day 2. I will say that I was feeling much more comfortable in my yukata on day 2. And my students were just as cute, especially the girls!

The ESS Gang

Every Thursday I help lead the English club at Aichi Medical University. The students are all super great and this is a picture of most of us at our last meeting before summer vacation. During this lesson, we played this awesome story game that very, very, very quickly turned into the plot from a Korean drama with love turning into a triangle which then turned into a very complicated square at karaoke. I was so impressed with their storytelling skills. Maybe my favorite line in the whole love square story was “Oh my God. She was confused again.” That one came from a guy. Good times.

Is this your elephant?

Sometimes, you can have the greatest conversations with students at work. Here’s a record of the best conversation to date. Background: our lesson was a dialog about losing things and we were doing free talk, so you could lose anything you wanted.

Jun: Excuse me. I think I left my bag on the elephant. Have you seen it?

Hiroyuki: What does your elephant look like?

J: Well, it’s smaller than the other elephants and it’s really cute.

H: When did you leave your bag on the elephant?

J: This morning.

H: OK. Let me check… Is this your elephant?

J: No, my elephant is cuter.

H: But this elephant has a bag. Is this your bag?

J: Yes!

H: Then it’s your elephant!

J: I’m sorry. I’m very sleepy.

Happy Yukata Week

This week at Kasugai is yukata week. Yukata is traditional Japanese clothing, but it’s not as formal as kimono. I think it’s something to do with the amount of tying and layers. But to me, it was all complicated, and I certainly felt very traditional today rocking out my first yukata experience. But I tell you what, it’s difficult to teach kids in traditional Japanese wear. It’s probably the only time that I have ever longed to put my business suit back on. But, actually, it was quite a fun experience. I felt very authentically Japanese, and I still have Saturday to look forward to. For now, here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.