“At Home Karaoke” by Jen and Rachael

Lately, Jen and Rachael have been passing the cold Kasugai evenings at home singing karaoke (Japanese pronunciation: [ka-ra-o-keh]). Now what this entails is sitting at the table and alternately choosing songs to play on their computers and then singing along. Jen and Rachael don’t have the technology for any actual karaoke equipment, but that doesn’t matter to them. They have a grand time anyway!

In the course of an evening, they might sing along to anything from late nineties pop to motown to random Japanese music. Please take note that Jen does a lot more singing along during the Japanese songs than Rachael. She just hums. As of the past few evenings, they have been reliving their high school days by playing N Sync, Nelly, LFO, and a large number of other high school girl fantasy groups. They even did the cha-cha electric slide. But Rachael feels a change in the wind and will hazard a guess that their karaoke selections will change to a much more mellow older style this evening.

Jen doesn’t quite have the same musical skills as Rachael, but what she lacks in harmony, she makes up for in emotion and song selection. Jen is always able to find the best songs for them to sing along to. Rachael does a good job of keeping the music going when Jen gets distracted by a friend who has just come online that she wants to talk to. But both Jen and Rachael recommend trying out your own at home karaoke and see where your musical whimsy leads you. Happy Singing!


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