A Very, Very Unwelcome Guest

This evening as Jenny and I were standing in the living room chatting, Jenny suddenly but calmly informed me that there was a bug. I turned around to see a very large roach on the wall above our living room door, just hanging out like it belonged there and paid rent. So, I in turn, called to Jen from in her room and informed her of the roach that was on our wall. Since it was above the door, understandably, Jen did not come into the living room.

But we did work together to formulate a game plan of how to get the roach out of our apartment. And our grand idea was this: to trap the roach on the wall with a bowl. We each had our own roles. Jenny was in charge of watching the roach in case it suddenly wised up to our eradication plans and made a run for it. Jen was in charge of getting a paper to put under the bowl. And that left me in charge of getting the bowl and thus capturing the roach.

After a few misses because of the roach’s proximity to the corners of the wall, the roach skittered down the wall behind the couch, which was exactly what we didn’t want to happen. We cleared the floor and slowly pulled out the couch, but we didn’t see the roach. Jenny and I were very close to where the roach had disappeared while Jen was on the other side of the couch. She pulled out the couch a little more and suddenly the roach came zooming right towards Jenny and I. Now, logically I know that the roaches don’t hurt people and that they’re much more afraid of us than we are of them. But when that seemingly ginormous roach suddenly came running at us, I screamed. Not a scream of terror, but more like a panicked/freaked out scream. Luckily, I was not alone and Jenny had the same exact reaction as me.  From the other side of the room, Jen shushed us in respect to our neighbors, but I will have to say that the roach was not hurtling its body directly towards her at any point during this escapade.

Then, while all the screaming and shushing was going on, our worst fear happened. The roach ran under the fridge! At this point, Jen took over with her bottle of mold killer. With her eagle-like sight, she managed to spot the roach camouflaged as a dust bunny in the corner and started spraying it crazily with the mold killer. It ran into an open enough space for me to cover it with the bowl. After a lot of maneuvering, we secured the bowl for transport. Jen and I left Jenny to clean up the trail of mold cleaner bubbles left behind while Jen and I disposed of the roach outside.

We took it down to the road behind our apartment. We put the bowl down in the middle of the road. Jen kicked the bowl over and I watched to see if it would scurry away. We found it curled up, probably dead from the cleaner not too far from where the bowl had originally been placed.

And thus ended our roach adventure for the evening. After all the excitement, our apartment feels even more like a sauna than it did before. Boo to roaches.


6 thoughts on “A Very, Very Unwelcome Guest

  1. Agatha82 says:

    I HATE those things…in Miami, I used to get them all the time, they’re hideous creatures that should not exist…bleh. I would just spray them to death, I don’t care enough about disgusting bugs to try to save them.

    • losemyway says:

      I didn’t make you sound like a big wimp! I just commented on the fact that you weren’t screaming like me and Jenny were. That should make you seem less wimpy! And I totally gave you all the credit for the capture. But yes, Jenny did stay pretty far away from the roach.

  2. Hiro says:

    Good one. I probably screamed just as loud when I saw my first roach in my previous apartment. You know they can fly here, right?

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