Boy Band Spotting

Next to ECC is a place called Asunal Plaza. It’s basically a small outdoor shopping complex, and features a small stage. Usually there’s some kind of performance going on every Saturday when I finish up work. I’ve seen dance competitions featuring eight-year old girls dressed as hip hop skanks, comedy sketches, and a numerous amount of singers/piano players belting out tunes. Mostly, it’s just low-key, nothing to really draw a huge crowd.

Well, recently, I could barely make it into Asunal because of the huge crowd of teenage girls filling the courtyard area. I was in shock, so I craned my head over the crowd and looked to the stage. And lo and behold, I feasted my eyes on a boy band performing. They were singing and dancing their hearts out and the girls loved them. Girls were screaming their names, seriously.But I’m not quite sure why the girls loved them so much. When I got a better look, I realized that they were all wearing the same outfit- a shiny, white sleeveless tracksuit trimmed with a thick row of fluorescent blue sequins. As a girl, I would’ve been embarrassed to be seen wearing such an outfit, even in my cheerleading days.

I made my way up to the second floor and found that both the second and third floors were as jam-packed as the first. I found this little opening on the side and, of course, proceeded to whip out my phone to snap some shots of the crowd. Forget the boys performing, I was enamored with the Japanese reaction to these guys. And for a moment, I was transported back to my own teenage days, when I would’ve jumped at the chance to see my favorite boy band perform and probably would’ve been screaming just like those girls. Of course, American boy band singers wouldn’t have been caught dead in those outfits, but when in Japan…

And I will add that taking photos at the concert was strictly prohibited, and a security  guard approached the girl next to me and made her put away her camera. So, I sneakily stuck my phone back in my pocket and made a quick exit into the nearest store.


2 thoughts on “Boy Band Spotting

  1. Lindsey says:

    Holy moly! What a crowd!
    Maybe you should try and sell your illegal pictures to a Japanese tabloid or something lol 🙂

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