Why does saving a tree have to be such a hassle?

This is what happens when you forget to recycle your cardboard for about, oh…three months or so.

Yes, that is a bag explosion that you are seeing in the picture. Once freed from the constraints of the closet, the bag lost its support system and had no other choice but to expel its contents all over the living room floor. But really, when cardboard recycling is only twice a month, what else do you expect? We- and when I say we, I mean Jen, because I never wake up early enough to take out the trash- usually do pretty well taking out all the other trash, but the recycling always seems to be a hit or miss situation.

Okay, I also have to admit that this was only round one of all the cardboard we had stored up in our closet. Not pictured are all of the milk cartons and mailing packages. All in all, once Jenny and I bound everything up, we had a total of four stacks of cardboard all ready for recycling.

We did all of this about a week early. After having missed so many times, we figured that making like the Boy Scouts and being prepared was our best option. The cardboard recycling day was fast approaching and we decided to take it all out the night before so that there would be no possible way that we would forget to recycle. We divided the stacks and made it to the trash area, floundering for only a minute. After dropping off all the cardboard, I have to admit that I felt a certain sense of satisfaction.

The next day, I opened the closet to get some toilet paper, and to my utter dismay discovered a bag of cardboard recycling on the floor of the closet, a full large bag full of cardboard. Somehow, Jenny and I completely missed it. Talk about bursting my bubble. Oh well, there’s always two weeks in the future… that is, if we actually remember it next time. I wouldn’t put any bets on success.


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