Random Food

As you probably noticed, I have been slacking on updating my blog for the past few months. But even though I haven’t been updating here, it hasn’t stopped me from taking pictures of interesting stuff with my phone. So, here are a few random snack foods that I have come across recently.


One thought on “Random Food

  1. Charlotte says:

    Delightful post. And I disagree. A donut is not a donut. Krispy Kremes are in their own league if you can get one BEFORE IT HAS COOLED. After that, it is still softer and more tender than many, but I will admit comes closer to being generic.

    Sounds like getting one that has not yet cooled (which is different that re-heating one) where you are at is probably not possible, due to the long lines. But I encourage you to try to do so if you are ever back in the US and where Krispy Kremes are sold and see a HOT sign flashing. Enjoy.

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