Strange Flavors

Pepsi AzukiJapan is known for making some strange twists on classic flavors. But today Jenny brought home what has to be one of the strangest combos I have ever seen. She bought an azuki pepsi. For those of you who are uninformed, azuki is a kind of sweet red bean that is very popular in desserts in Japan. Now, I really like azuki bread and other baked goods, but as a pepsi flavor? It smelled weird and tasted really weird. Jenny and I each had a couple of tastes and it was not great. But it did have a strange pull. The first swallow didn’t taste good at all, but it made me want to try it again, so that I could figure out why exactly I didn’t like it. So, a word of caution. Don’t invest your money in trying this strange drink. It is definitely not worth it.


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