The World Series

It’s World Series time. Now I’m fairly certain that everyone in America is well-aware of that fact, be they baseball fans of not. I am a baseball fan, but actually, I was completely unaware that the World Series was happening until I came across an internet article the other day. Living in another country does that to you. So, in that article, I not only learned who was facing off, but also when the Series was set for. Today at work I was reading an article about the World Series. I found out that the Yankees and Phillies are tied at one as they move to Philadelphia for game three. Then I came across a sentence so horrific that I had to stop reading and write this blog instead.

“The clubs work out Friday afternoon on the Phillies’ field, and then the World Series will resume Saturday with a Game 3 matchup of left-handers, featuring Cole Hamels on the mound for the defending champs against Andy Pettitte, the winningest pitcher in postseason history.”

Set aside that fact that this is a horrific run-on sentence. That’s a matter for another day. Let’s face the major problem. What the crap is ‘winningest’?? Couldn’t the writer find any better way to describe the pitcher? I can think of three or four off-hand that wouldn’t take up that much type space and wouldn’t make me sound like such a complete moron. I understand that news articles follow different rules than regular writing, but ‘winningest’ seriously? I will not even mention the over and misuse of hyphens, or misused prepositions. This guy actually gets paid to write for Maybe I should apply. To read the entire article for yourself, check it out here.


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