Sassy Girl

I have this friend named Saki who is in junior high. Now, when I first met Saki about two years ago, she was extremely shy and quiet. I don’t know whether it was because she became a teenager, finally felt confident in her English skills, or maybe some combination of the two, but she has turned into a sassy girl. And I must admit that I love it.

Earlier this week, her parents were giving me and a friend a ride to the station after our Bible study. I was talking to Saki about having crushes and how it is a wonderful, magical thing for a teenage girl. Saki herself is not so boy crazy yet, and maybe never will be, but she does have a friend who already is at the age of twelve. According to Saki, her friend has a crush on a new boy pretty much every week, which I think is perfectly healthy.

Unfortunately for the girls, their school is really small, so pickings are slim. Just recently, this friend was telling Saki about her latest crush and how cute he was. Being a good friend, Saki didn’t put voice to her thoughts, but did think, Are your eyes okay? Needless to say, all conversation stopped for a full minute while I laughed at that comment.

Now, the Saki I first met would never have even thought something like that, much less retold it in a story. I can only hope that I can help to promote this sassiness in the time that I spend with her.


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