A Snag in the Plans

As many of you may know, I am not so fond of my dress code at work. Business formal is not my idea of a good time. On men, it looks really sharp and I am a big fan of mens business formal, but not on me. It is just not  my style. I mean, in my last job, I got to dress like a college bum.

But today I was totally business formal. I rocked out a complete suit, skirt style, and I must say that I looked good and I felt good. But halfway through my day, I ran into a small problem. I got a run in my pantyhose that extended from thigh to ankle. Of course I would. So, what was there left to do, but throw away the now ruined stockings and spend the second half of my shift with bare legs just hoping no one would notice. Of course no one did, but it totally threw off my feeling of clothing confidence. Note to self and to any other savvy business girl out there: always keep a spare pair of stockings in your drawer in case of emergency.


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