My First Typhoon

The big news in Japan all week has been that a major typhoon was coming to mainland Japan. It was supposed to be the biggest typhoon to hit in over ten years. D-day was Wednesday/Thursday. The weather was supposed to get bad on Wednesday with lots of rain and then the typhoon would hit sometime very early Thursday morning. Accordingly, I canceled all of my Thursday plans because of this massive storm and the fact that it would be way too dangerous to even think about going outside on Thursday.

Nagoya, being a port city, doesnt get a lot of snow. Obviously, there are never snow days here. It is kind of unimaginable for schools or businesses to shut down because of a snow day. Japan, however, does have typhoon days. In Japanese its called keihou (kay-ho). Yesterday at work, everyone was hoping that Thursday would be a keihou. Okay, technically keihou means an alarm or warning, but I have only ever heard this word associated with declaring an emergency because of a typhoon, so thus, typhoon day.

Yesterday, as predicted, it was super rainy. The rain started around 10 in the morning and continued continuously all day. And as it drew closer to evening, the rain just got steadily harder. Then yesterday night, the wind also picked up. It seemed as though the weather predictions were going to be true. The typhoon was a coming. I went to bed imagining that Thursday was just going to be a horrible day. I was awakened at 4:30 to the loudest, strongest winds I think I have ever heard. I looked out my window and the trees were bent in half from the strong gusts. It made me a little nervous, but I managed to get back to sleep.

When I woke up this morning, I looked out the window and saw this…


Yeah, this is definitely some real dangerous weather. I cant believe that after all that hype, the entire typhoon happened in the few hours while I was sleeping. All the subways and trains are running like normal.  Even the construction workers next door are out and working like nothing happened.  That was the lamest typhoon ever. But at least I can go to the grocery store today.