Frequent Flier

I finally bought my plane ticket home for Christmas vacation! Yay! This year- Christmas in Ohio, New Years in Vegas.

Ive gotten pretty accustomed to making these long flights across the Pacific and this time around when I was booking my ticket, twenty-one hours total flight time (including layovers) just didnt even phase me. I know that for all of you, this probably does seem a bit shocking. But I guess thats what happens when you become a world traveler. Well, not that flying strictly between Japan and America counts as world traveling. After all, it is only two countries. But still, I now know exactly what I do and do not need for such long flights, which international terminals give the best and worst service, and how to navigate through both Detroit and LAX airports, both of which are horrific, and happen to be in my itinerary this time around. No avoiding it sometimes I guess. So, now just the countdown to winter vacation remains.


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