Silver Week

Throughout fall in Japan, there are several national holidays. Once every thirty-five years, those holidays come together consecutively to make one mega fall holiday now known as Silver Week. And as you might have guessed, Silver Week is this year! It started today, Monday, and lasts through Wednesday.

Unfortunately, I dont have any big travel plans for Silver Week, but it is entirely my own fualt. I kept thinking that Silver Week was a ways away, until it became Saturday and it finally clicked in my brain that I had the next few days off. But even then, as I was talking to my roommate Jenny about my meal plans for Silver Week, I figured that since I was working on Monday, I couldnt make the lunch that I had wanted. Yeah, I am not working on Monday.

So, instead of traveling the country, I had some good plans to relax, watch movies, so to Starbucks, and lots of other fun thigns that I just dont seem to have time to do during a regular week. And one of those things also included sleeping in. Last night, I told Jenny that I was planning on sleeping in. I set my alarm for ten and snuggled in to have a good, long nights rest. I woke up at 845, wide awake with absolutely no chance of going back to bed! Suck to being an adult with a normal persons schedule! Sometimes I long for college days where you could totally sleep for twelve hours at a time and nto feel the effects negatively. But, getting up early did give me a chance to call friends and family, so I guess that I cant complain too much.

Now, I am off to enjoy my Silver Week. Today-movie, Starbucks, and possibly checking out new cell phones.


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