The Sounds of Construction

This week they started doing construction work on the apartment building next door. I’m not reaDSC01453lly sure what they’re doing, but I do know that it will be for the next four months. So far this week, they’re just putting up scaffolding. When it first started, I thought it was one of the most annoying sounds, especially when it woke me up well before my alarm was supposed to. But now, a week in, I’ve sort of gotten used to it. I kind of like waking up to the banging and chatting of the workers. And it is actually pretty interesting to watch them work.

DSC01454And unlike construction workers in the states, these guys don’t spend any time cat calling girls who walk by. Actually, they’re pretty friendly. Sometimes when I walk by and they’re on lunch break or something, they’ll say hello. But that’s it, just a friendly hello, the same as I might get from a neighbor.  And I can hear them talking every morning and all they talk about while they’re working are work things. Okay, they also talk about lunch-when it is and what they’re going to eat, but who doesn’t do that?

But take a look at these crazy outfits that they wear. I don’t know how well you can see them in the pictures, but they wear these big poofy pants that kind of remind me of a mix between genie pants and MC Hammer pants. I can’t imagine them being safe to work in, but apparently they work because it’s the official uniform in various colors. They also wear these soft boots. Maybe they’re easier to use when scaling scaffolding.  DSC01455While Jen and I were watching them yesterday, we couldn’t actually remember what construction workers in the states wear to work. We finally decided on cargo pants and upon further thought, flannel shirts and boots also come to mind as a stereotypical image. It’s funny the things that you start forgetting after a while.


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