Last week I went to camp for the second year in a row. And, though the weather was very overcast and blah, camp was great! We made bread, and a Japanese treat called mochi- sticky rice dough covered in a sweet powder (it is delicious, I promise), kites, smores, had a BBQ, played in the river, drank juice from ginormous leaves, and did all kinds of other fun things.

My group this year was completely awesome!!I think that they were the best group. I had fifteen kids and our group name was Team Green Tea. Haha! Our color was green and when it came time to choosing a name and making our flag, they totally came up with green tea all on their own. I just laughed and high-fived them. My kids were all really sweet and fun. The girls like holding my hands and playing hand clapping games, while the boys enjoyed all the funny faces I made when we ate our meals and giving me high fives as hard as humanly possible. I also had three of my students from last year in my group, so that made me quite happy!

One downside to camp though was the discovery that I am mildly allergic to insect bites of the ant variety. Well, at least we are fairly certain that it was ants that seemily drilled mini holes into our legs, causing us to bleed no small amount, while at the same time numbing the entire area so that there was no warning as to what was happening below our knees until it was too late! While everyone else simply experienced irritation and itching, my bites bruised, formed angry red rings around them, and even my left foot swelled to such disturbing proportions that I very nearly went to the hospital when I got back. But my bites are looking much, much better now, more than a week later, so all is well. Please enjoy the variety of camp photos!


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