Weather Alert

Apparently, I have discovered that there is actually another season between rainy season and summer in Japan. And its called the totally-fake-you-out-into-thinking-it-was-summer-but-in-reality-its-going-to-monsoon-everyday season. Yeah, I know the name is kind of long, it just doesn’t translate so well. Seriously, we had maybe a week of sunny skies, maybe a week, that’s being generous. And for the past week solid, it has done nothing but rain and be overcast and crappy. And when I say rain, I mean RAIN. None of that light drizzle business, but full-out downpours, often multiple times a day.

On Sunday, my train was delayed a total of three hours because the massive rainfall had flooded the tracks further up in the mountains so that the trains couldn’t run at all. Luckily, I just caught the last hour of it, but a normal 15 minute train ride home took a solid hour. Talk about frustrating. And now the end of July nears and if it keeps raining like this into August, I might seriously pull my hair out. Don’t get me wrong, I like rain, really I do. But when it is not the normal, prescribed weather for the time of the year, it can be extremely frustrating!


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