It’s Laundry Day!

Out of all the household chores that every adult finds themselves forced to do, laundry is, by far, my least favorite. I know, I know, its so easy. You just put a load in and then you can do other things while your laundry just takes care of itself. But that is exactly why I hate doing it so much! Sometimes I would seriously forget my head if it weren’t attached, so of course there is no way that I am going to remember that I started a load of laundry that will immediately need to be taken out of the washing machine in order that wrinkles don’t set it since practically no one in Japan, Jen and I included, own dryers. And which I personally agree with this sentiment. I mean, it is so not eco-friendly to have a dryer when there are so many available spots to hang dry your laundry around the house. And you never have to worry about shrinking your clothes that way either.

But I rarely ever remember to take my laundry out promptly when the buzzer goes off, half the time I never seem to hear anyway. So, I always end up having to iron a good portion of my clothes, all of my work clothes obviously. Wrinkles are so not business professional. And I really hate ironing. I would vote it as my least favorite chore, if it were not for the fact that forgetting to take the laundry out necessitates the excess of ironing that I find myself  doing on laundry day. Well, the large pile of clothes that always accumulates on my ironing board after laundry day at the very least. I am not nearly as committed to ironing as my grandma. I always just chose to wear something else if the article of clothing that I actually want to wear needs ironing until the lack of any clean, wrinkle-free clothing forces me to spend an hour ironing, which is very close to happening today. Luckily, I am leaving for summer camp tomorrow and might be able to avoid it altogether.

Take today for example. I decided to do two loads of laundry so that all of my clothes would be nice and fresh when I came back from camp. I put in all my work clothes first and then left the bathroom/laundry room, started watching a movie, and proceeded to completely forget that I had started laundry. Well, the movie finished, I went to the bathroom, saw the pile of dirty clothes on the floor, and realized that my load of laundry had finished about forty-five minutes prior. I opened the lid, pulled the clothes out to find them full of wrinkles that I know will not come out once theyre dry. Suck…

But I vow not to forget the load that I have in now. Hence the blog on doing laundry. If I keep thinking about my laundry, the chance of forgetting about it drops significantly. We shall see.


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