Where’s my ride?

Pick ups

In between the bike garage and the station is this special area for cars to hang out temporarily. It is custom in Japan for parents or spouses to pick up their kids or spouses from the station. During the day its not so crowded, but you should see it after nine. That place is jam-packed! There’s a waiting line on the street! Seriously, it is insane! People have no idea how to make it home on their own in this country. Some of my friends will call their parents at 11:30 or 12 at night for their parents to pick them up and take them the few kilometers from the station to their house. Jen and I cannot believe that parents in particular would do this for their kids. We both agreed that if we had lived in Kasugai when we were in junior high or high school and lived anywhere within a 20-minute bike ride of our house, our parents would’ve laughed in our faces if we called for a ride home, and rightly so. Kasugai is not dangerous and there’s no need to further co-dependence on ones parents.


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