Operation Bike Purge

We have two bike parking areas in our apartment building:

Bike Parking

Bike Parking Area 2

As you can see, both are big messes. I think people often are about to pee their pants when they park their bikes. That is the only way that I can account for the haphazard state that I find the bikes in every time I come home. And the worst part of the whole thing is that at least one third of the bikes parked in the parking areas arent even being used. When our neighbors leave the apartment building, they just leave their bikes there rather than deal with moving them to their new place. So oftentimes Jen and I cant even find places to park our bikes because the old, dusty bikes take up all the parking spaces. Well, no more.

Last month I got really frustrated one night when I came home and yet again could not find a place to park my bike in either lot. So, I spotted one of the unused bikes and proceeded to move it completely out of the parking area. Then I parked my bike in the newly available spot and felt quite satisfied with myself- so satisfied, in fact, that the next night I proceeded to move two more bikes.

New Temporary Parking

I told Jen about my clever/sneaky actions and we both took a tour of the bike parking areas and came up with a smashing idea! We decided to initiate Operation Bike Purge to clear out the other seven to eight unused bikes in our parking area by first moving them to the temporary parking area that I created and then, in the dead of night, permanently removing them to the pachinko parlor bike parking area across the street.

Final Destination

We shall see how things go. Muah ha ha!


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