My Bike Garage

I know that Ive probably mentioned this before, but Japan has a prolific number of bicycles. And in catering to that need, much in the same way of the U.S., Japan has built bike garages that charge you a fee to park your bike there. The fee is considerably lower than parking garages though, and if I could ever figure out how to buy a monthly pass, the price would be even better. But, alas, that is a topic for another blog. But one thing that these bike garages have in common with parking garages is that it is sometimes impossible to find where you parked your bike! This is especially true for me since I go there every day and dont usually log a distinct memory of where I parked my bike each day. It is far past time to bust out my OU bumper sticker and put it on my bike. I just need to figure out how to make it fit on there properly. But I took some pictures the other day to help better illustrate my problems.


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