Push & Pull

You know how some people have problems distinguishing their right from their left? Its not they don’t know the difference, but they always have to think and confirm that their right is their right and their left is their left. Well, I have the same problem with push and pull.

Seriously, whenever a sign says to push or pull, I always take a second to analyze and visualize the action in my mind, and then proceed, 90% of the time, to do the opposite action. I have no idea what my problem is, but sometimes it can be rather awkward as I fumble with the door.

And here’s the thing. I cant even blame my problem on the fact that I live in Japan because they put push and pull in English on all the doors!! Oh man! Of course that’s the time they’re completely English-friendly. Oh well, I guess its just my curse to never know what to do at any given public access door.


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