A Whirlwind Trip

Well, I was officially back in the states for all of five, maybe six days. It was wedding central, but really fun! If there was any possible way to condense a years worth of bridesmaids duties into four days, I certainly accomplished at least that much. But the best part of the whole trip is that fact that Kathy and Joseph are now married!! I promise to do my best to add some wedding photos later on today, but I must forewarn you that I absolutely suck at taking photos, so I might be stealing them from other sources.

Here is an abbreviated version of my agenda while I was back:

Wednesday Evening

Arrive in Columbus at 5:30 PM, Mexican with Kathy and Joe, Pick up wedding programs, Pick up welcome bag materials, Socialize at Josephs parents house


Wake up at 8:00, Assemble wedding programs, Pick up cookies and more wedding programs, German dinner with the Thompsons and Joseph, Assemble welcome bags, Make table place cards, Go to bed at 2:00


Wake up at 8:00, Drop off reception stuff at the hotel, Mani/Pedis with the girls, Last minute shopping, Wedding rehearsal dinner, Watch about twenty minutes of You’ve Got Mail with Kathy before we both crashed around 12:30


Wake up at 7:00, Wedding all day-need I say more?


Wake up at 9:00, Shop til you drop with Jess, Make and eat awesome dip

Monday Morning

Wake up at 8:00, Quick trip to the post office, Start the long journey back home at 11:45

Tuesday Evening

Arrive back in Nagoya at 6:30 PM, Arrive home at 8:30, Shower and off to bed early


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