While the threat and scare of the swine flu has passed everywhere else in the world, Japan still remains under the media-hyped scare of worldwide swine flu pandemic. They are even going so far as quarantining people at the airport who appear to have swine fu symptoms. And actually, since the swine flu is indistinguishable from any other variation of the flu, they are, in fact, quaranting anyone who has any kind of flu-like symptoms. I know, right?

But that is not the worst of it. The airport has actually become a little more relaxed, but now the real quarantining is happening privately in companies. ECC, as well, has sent out an H1N1 influenza information memo, including their right to quarantine any employee for ten days without pay, if they believe that you might have contracted the swine flu. So, although Japan as a country will let me in, my company can still quarantine me. Hmm…

But the best part of that memo for me was the table they made to compare swine flu symptoms and regular flu symptoms. In the swine flu symptom category, eight of the ten descriptions were Not Defined Yet and the other two just used bigger comparatives: regular flu-high fever, swine flu-very high fever. I had a good time reading it.

The rest of the world has moved on, now that they know that the swine flu is not a killer strain, while Japan has only just now started taking precautions. Things are a little slower when you live on an island I guess.


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