Under the Influence…

Tuesdays are now my only evening work shift this year. Otherwise, I am working in the office, or teachng on Saturday mornings. So, my Tuesday schedule is quite a bit different from the rest of the week, and I am still adapting to it. Ordinarly, I have to get up around 8 or 9 so that I can get ready and get to work on time. But since I am still working at 3:30 on Tuesdays, I can sleep in.

Last Tuesday I slept in and felt great when I woke up. But around 2, I felt really tired, and when I got on the train to go to work at 2:30, I had a horrible headache. I could not for the life of me figure out why I was feeling that way since I had gotten such a good nights rest. But then I thought back over my morning and realized that I had skipped my daily cup of coffee because it was warm when I woke up and I wasnt at all tired. Once I got to work, I had a cup of coffee and wouldnt you know it, I felt back to normal within the hour.

Thats right, I am seriously addicted to caffeine. I mean, there are much worse things that I could be addicted to, but this is just really annoying. So, know that I know this, I am always sure to get my caffeine intake in the morning. Now, how to break the habit without the headaches?

3 thoughts on “Under the Influence…

  1. barnes says:

    Sorry to say, but I don’t think you can break the habit w/o headaches much like recovering alcoholics can’t break drinking habits w/o the DT’s. Maybe lessen your “dosage” in the morning?

  2. losemyway says:

    The only problem with lessening my dosage is that I really really love coffee!! But I don’t think it’s a good idea to be so addicted to something that I can’t have a normal day without it. Oh, it’s a conundrum!

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