Golden Week

Golden Week starts tomorrow!! That means a whole week off work! It is one of the wonderful perks of living in Japan, a national holiday that lasts a week! But unfortunately, because everyone has time off, in typical Japanese fashion, everything is extremely expensive!! So, I have no official Golden Week plans, just relaxing.

Tonight, Jenny is coming over and spending the night. Thursday is Japanese lesson and ikebana lesson. And as for the rest of the week, maybe I will go to a museum or the aquarium or something. If I were a serious student, I would study lots of Japanese, but I cant say that I am a serious student, so there goes that idea. Maybe I will study a little bit. I might do some shopping instead to get ready for my trip back to the U.S. We shall see.

But, sorry to all those who do not have an actual Golden Week vacation back home, or are stuck with a Bronze Weekend, as Jen calls it, over here in Japan. I shall think fondly of all of you and enjoy myself on your behalf!

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