A Rude Awakening

This morning I shot out of bed to the sound of a high-pitch squeal and a heavy metal sound. I opened my door, saw Jen looking out the window, and knew what had happened: a car accident. Luckily, it was not too serious. Well, serious for the cars, but not for those inside the cars. The worst of the damage was injury to the abdomen due to airbag deployment.

So, not that I have assured that no one was seriously harmed, I will take this moment to complain. This car accident woke me up 100% completely nearly a full hour before my alarm went off!!! I was a little excited to sleep until 9:45, but no such luck. Even now, as I type this blog, my alarm still hasnt gone off. I am going to need lots of coffee this afternoon, thats for sure.

And why do all accidents happen so early in the morning. The same thing happened last time there was an accident outside our window. They never happen at night when, logically, one would think the percentage would be higher with limited visibility. But no, no, no. Always before 9 AM. Maybe peoples coffee hasnt sunk in yet and their relexes are sluggish still.

The driver of one car was a guy and the other a lady. I dont know whose fault it was or how the heck it even happened from the location of the indents. But I will say this; the male driver immediately went over and helped the female driver, who was suffering from the airbag impact. He stayed with her the whole time, holding her up on the road in his arms. That is very kind. Most people would have just let her stay in the car, especially if it were their fault. But this guy even helped her make a phone call and helped with the paramedics. It was only after she was safely escorted into the ambulance that the paramedics attended to him, putting on a much needed neck brace.

And, on a side note, the back door in ambulances here in Japan opens differently. It opens like a vans trunk door- just one big door that opens upward hydraullicly. I think its a bit more efficient than the two-side door option in the states. We might want to look into upgrading.


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