Some Crazy Hanami!!

Last week Joyce and I decided to go see the cherry blossoms at Nagoya Castle. In japanese, there is just one word to define the very popular cherry blossom viewing party and that word would be hanami. One word can say so much. Well, we met at the subway exit we thought would lead us straight to the park entrance, but as it turns out we made a horrible mistake and ended up pretty much nowhere close to any large clusters of cherry trees. We checked out a map and found a shrine located nearby. We thought that it would be worth a shot to see if there were cherry trees.

Well, after walking for a kilometer and seeing no cherry trees or shrines, we came to a major intersection, and wouldnt you know that bordering the corner of the pedestrain overpass were cherry trees. So, we had our very own urban hanami, complete with pictures! It was a crazy adventure, but ended up being a ton of fun!


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