Time Flies

Tomorrow is the last day of this school year. Well, technically, Tuesday is since it is the last day of March, but tomorrow will be the last day of kids lessons, which makes it the last day of the year to me. And honestly, I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by. Of course, there were the times that I can remember thinking that the school year would never end, but those were mostly in July and December…right before my fun vacations. So, of course I would think that each week felt like an eternity. in the grand scheme of things however, time flew.

I really think that this past year sets the example for adult life. There are always moments that make time pass slowly, but for the most part, the daily routine of our lives makes time pass much more quickly than we are aware of. And in a few days, I will make a new start with a new school year. A year from now, I will probably comment again on how quickly that year went by as well. Now it seems that I am just rambling a bit because Im a little tired, so I will wrap up here and hope to write more coherently in the morning.


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