Slowly but Surely

From Saturday, my voice has been slowly but surely returning. I still couldnt work on Saturday, but at least I could speak…for the most part. By Sunday, I could speak almost 100% normally, but singing was still completely out of the question.

For the past few days, my speaking voice has been fine, almost as good as new. But singing is still a bit pitchy. I wonder how long that will take to get back to normal.

All in all, I have decided that laryngitis is probably one of the worst illnesses around. Of course, you have to set aside all of the major, life-threatening diseases, because that is another ball game completely. But when it comes to those occasional, anyone could get this kind of disease, my vote is for larnygitis being at the very bottom of the list. I mean, sure, you are not confined to bed and feeling completely horrible, but that is the point. I had to call off two days of work, and I felt so bad about it because I felt completely fine, I just could not talk. At least if I had the flu or a really bad cold, I would have a reason to stay in bed and be miserable, and not feel bad in the slightest that I couldnt work. But, no, I just lost the ability to speak. Since I wasnt working, I felt that I ought to have stayed in bed and been miserable. And I couldnt talk to anyone! That also adds to the totally horrible category. But, I am better now, so I really should stop complaining. At least I wasnt as bad as Erik. Hopefully, my voice will realize that laryngitis is best left alone.


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