As you may or may not remember, last summer, Jen and I had an internet crisis. We discovered just before going to Thailand for a week that the free internet that we had been enjoying was suddenly cut off with the departure of our neighbors. So, in a mad panic, we hastily arranged a new internet provider and had to endure two long weeks without our virtual lives at the tips of our fingers.

Since August, we have been paying a healthy chunk of change for our now completely legal internet service, and I have to say that our internet worked ten times better when we were stealing it than it does now that we are paying for that. Sometimes our internet is so slow that I feel as though we are being ripped off. But I suppose that this is our penance for using the internet illegally for so long. Perhaps once the scales are balanced again, our internet will suddenly and mysteriously speed up again. But until that day comes, I will continue to reload pages and take bathroom breaks while I wait for pages laden with pictures to load. And Jen and I will continue to complain to each other about how much we despise our current internet proveder.


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