…And The Rest is Silence

I have not spoken in about six hours and I think that it is starting to slowly kill me. I mean, I cant even talk to myself! I never realized just how much I tend to use my voice throughout the day until I couldnt use it anymore.  No sighing, laughing, or humming…this really sucks!! And the worst part is that there are no signs that my voice is coming back at all. I am still just as bad as I was yesterday morning when I woke up.

So, here I am just taking a lot of pills that I cant identify, drinking so much green tea with honey that I am peeing every hour, and feeling generally pathetic. Hopefully my trip to the aquarium tomorrow will cheer up my mood somewhat. At least, fish dont expect you to talk to them.


One thought on “…And The Rest is Silence

  1. barnes says:

    I hope you get well soon so we can speak. I can relate though. A few years back I had an awful case of laryngitis in which I couldn’t even whisper for three days and had to whisper for two weeks. It would be annoying because I communicated through a notepad. There was also one incident in which I was at a party with a handful of friends, one of which stated, “Erik shouldn’t talk so don’t ask him any ‘essay answer’ type questions.” Well, one of my buddies was kind of dimwit and would approach and ask me EVERYTHING about the party (and I wasn’t even the host). After the ninth time, I proceeded to write and hang on to a sheet of paper that stated, “I’M MUTE, REMEMBER?” and would flash it to him throughout the rest of the night. Get well, don’t pee the bed, and we’ll talk soon.

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