Gone with the Wind

So, I lost my voice today. Yeah, its pretty much horrible. I lost it after my first class, so I had to continue working for five hours and the quality of my voice decreased with every passing minute. I had to teach a kids class and a regular lesson. I sounded just like a man. Well, maybe more like a pubescent boy actually. But in any event, I was not myself.

I learned from my coworkers and several students that, apparently, the winds have blown in some nasty yellow sand from China and it has made the air extremely dry. So, thus, people such as myself, who are already tired and a little stressed out by the end of the school year, much much more susceptible to throat problems such as laryngitis. And I have a history of losing my voice at very inopportune times, so it is to be expected.

Thus, my voice has gone the way of the wind. Hopefully, a more favorable wind will blow tomorrow and bring it back to me.


3 thoughts on “Gone with the Wind

  1. mrslindsey says:

    I’ve heard whiskey or bourbon works too, if you have either just sitting around lol. Hope you feel better soon!!

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