All About…

I find that my life is very trendy. Not meaning that people always copy my style because I am so cutting edge or anything like that; rather, I find myself completely into things one day and completely disinterested in the same thing the next. There are some people in life that always have the same haircut, eat the same food, go to the same places, never update their iPods. And for them, that is great. But I would go crazy! So, here are the things that I am into right now.

~chai tea lattes

~granola cereal with fruit

~The Pussycat Dolls new CD (Yeah, I can hardly believe this one myself)

~My green purse


~Japanese dramas


3 thoughts on “All About…

  1. losemyway says:

    I mostly just peruse amazon, but always with the longing to buy. But shipping to Japan is just crazy expensive!!

    And I have tried boiled peanuts, but again, because its Japan, they are pretty unavailable here.

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