I Would Do Anything for Love

The other day at work, I heard I Would Do Anything for Love on the radio, and I couldnt help but think two things when I heard it. The first being most obvious: man, this song is really catchy. I found myself humming the chorus for the rest of my shift.

The second thought being that what is it that he wont do for love. I realized that after hearing this song about a million times, I never figured out what that one thing he wont do for love is. I mean, that is the main crux of the song afterall. So, this afternoon, I set out on a mission. I found the song on YouTube and listened to it in its entirety. And I discovered some interesting things.

First off, the video is completely cheesy and weird. I mean, wow. It definitely makes more than a few stops in Awkwardville. Second, the song is so long! I never realized that it was that long. I mean, a good song is one thing, but seven and a half minutes worth of a song which people only remember the chorus to is just a little excessive.

But it was all worth in in the last minute of the song because I finally figured out what this guy would never do for love in a most surprising manner, because I also discovered that this song features a female vocalist. It turns out that the woman in this video that I had only thought to be eye candy actually has a good voice. And she sings about all the bad things that would eventually happen in their relationship. The two most important being that he would leave her and that he would start screwing around. And to both charges he negates with a vehemenent I wont do that. So, thus, the mystery is solved. But it is no wonder that so many people probably dont know the answer. The song is just way too long with too much repetition to make it through the whole thing. I always listen to the first two verses and choruses if I am in a generous mood before turning it off.

So, enjoy the video if you like and you can see the mystery unfold for yourself.


3 thoughts on “I Would Do Anything for Love

  1. barnes says:

    Ah, Meatloaf. From Rocky Horror to Fight Club, you always had talent. I just didn’t expect you to belt out the longest song ever in top ten radio since “Hey Jude” by the Beatles.
    Also, in regards to the video, would you expect anything normal from a guy calling himself “Meatloaf?”

  2. mrslindsey says:

    So, after I read your blog last week I totally had this song stuck in my head. I finally got it out and someone sang it on American Idol last night and it’s back in my head again 🙂

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