Sweating the Small Stuff

Things that are just too annoying…

~Shoes with laces. I wore a pair of tennis shoes today for the first time in what has been way too long, and man, just so mendoukusai!

~Getting to the bike parking area of my apartment only to realize that I have left my bike at the station.

~When my favorite mug is dirty in the sink.

~My favorite movie web page has been shut down. What am I supposed to do now??

~Waking up five minutes before my alarm is set to go off.

~Getting out of the shower and realizing that my clean towel is hanging up at the other end of the cold apartment.

~Being too short to see the tupperware lids without having to haul myself up onto the counter.

~People who say BAM more often than Emeril.

~The women who take up an extra seat on the train with their one shopping bag from Takashimaya.


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