Early Morning

I woke up quite voluntarily this morning just before 8:30. Yep, you heard me right! But, before you get too excited or proud of me for that fact, I do have to admit the reason that I woke up so early this morning. It was not by some miracle, or adaptation into a morning person. I actually went to bed last night around nine last night. Yep, I slept for very close to 12 hours.

But in my favor, before you start getting all disapproving, I had woken up at 6:30 yesterday morning following only an hour and a half of sleep to commute over an hour to work for eight hours doing kids interviews. That in and of itself is tiring enough, but following barely any sleep, is utterly exhausting. Plus, I was all warm in my room last night just having drunk a cup of strawberry tea.

So, this morning, I feel very well-rested indeed. We will see what time I fall asleep tonight having gotten so much tonight!


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