Strange Sights

Yesterday on my way to work I saw a cat grooming itself on the roof of a truck cab. The cat was very cute and it just struck me as funny to see a cat being such a cat. So, that was a plus for the day.

Then, after work yesterday, I saw a man at the entrance to the subway. He was an older man, and when I entered the stairwell for the subway, I caught him leaping up the stairs. I think he jumped over about three steps. I was just about to write it off as an oddity when I glimpsed out of the corner of my eye that he was turning around and going back down the stairs. Yep, he repositioned himself and leapt up the stairs again. It was really strange and a little dangerous in my opinion. When I saw him, the man barely made it up the first time and he was leaping at the top of a long flight of stairs. So, I have to wonder if someone else had to call an ambulance before the end of the night.


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