House, MD

When I was home for winter vacation, a few days after Christmas, there was an all-day House marathon on USA. Well, I found myself getting addicted to the show. So, I did some research online and found a website that allows me to watch House online. So, since I have come home, I started with season one and am now well into season two. And the show is completely awesome!

It doesnt make me want to be a doctor, but it is very interesting to see them solve medical mysteries. It makes me want to learn more about medicine and diseases. But, I cant imagine being a neurologist. Every time they show a scene with a brain biopsy or brain surgery, I flinch. I know that its not real, but I still cant stomach seeing that skull being drilled into. Ugh!

I just feel very fortunate that there are people out there who put in the time and effort to become doctors so that I can stay healthy!


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