Jewelry and Pets

Today at work I wore one of the new cute necklaces that I had bought when I was home. Its a pendant and quite lovely, and I was happy to have a chance to wear it. Well, in my kids class, my students were quick to notice my necklace as well. But I didnt get the same comments that I had expected. Of course, half of their comments were in English, half were in Japanese, and the rest were in a mixture of Japanese-English. But the one that stuck out the most and unified the minds of all my kids was that I was wearing a dogs necklace.

It was all I had in my not to laugh and reveal my Japanese understanding. Trust my ornery kids to make that association with a necklace that really looks nothing at all like a dog collar. But, I dont know, I am not so familiar with canine accessories in Japan, being that I dont have a dog. But I will say that if Japanese dogs are wearing these kinds of accessories, I would have to be shocked and slightly outraged. In any event, it makes for a good anecdote.


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